4 Quick Dessert Vegan Recipes That Are Packed With Plants

Desserts Vegan Recipes

dessert then here are some recipes for you.

When you think about dessert then you maybe think of a treat heavy in cream, laced and butter with eggs. But the vegan dessert changes your perspective on what a tasty dessert can be. However, vegan desserts don’t have any animal products including yogurt, milk, eggs, cheese, cream, honey, or butter.

The dessert vegan recipes also do not contain food like milk chocolate. If you are thinking that without egg or milk how you can make dessert then my dear friend there are many plant-based foods such as vegetable purees, nut butter instead of butter, and fruits that you can use.

Best Dessert Vegan Recipes

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1. Vegan Chocolate Pudding

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The paleo and vegan chocolate pudding is rich, chocolaty, and creamy and you will not believe that it is dairy-free, refined sugar-free, and healthy. To make these dessert vegan recipes you need some

ingredients such as 2tsp pure vanilla extract, ½ cup raw cacao powder, sifted or unsweetened cocoa

powder, 3/2 cups organic coconut cream, 6 tbsp pure maple syrup 6 to 8 tbsp as per your requirement, generous pinch fine grain.


In a small saucepan over low heat take coconut cream, maple syrup, and cacao together and mix it until smooth. You can use a small amount of whisk to get everything smooth and nice. The coconut cream melt and cacao and maple can combine well and make a smooth silky mixture. After that cook it on low heat for 2 minutes until the mixture begins to start to boil with small bubbles.

Now, remove it from heat and mix some salt and vanilla and you can add some maple if you want to more sweet. You can take the mixture into different bowls to set and chill or you can keep it in a big bowl and cut it later in small pieces.

2. Vegan Strawberries And Cream Cupcakes

1 and ¾ cup white flour, 2tbsp cornstarch, 1 cup coarsely chopped strawberries, ¼ tbsp salt, 2 tbsp vanilla extract, and 2 tbsp almond extract, ½ cup melted earth balance butter, 1tbsp apple cider vinegar, 1 cup white sugar, 1 tbsp baking soda.


First, you need to preheat the oven to 350 degrees F to make these dessert vegan recipes, after that you should grease the muffin tin with oil and fill with the muffin liners. Now you need to grease the liner lightly.

Take some chopped strawberries and take it into the food processor to make a thick puree. Take butter and melt it and measure it because you need ½ cup butter and cool it at room temperature.

After that, you need to add almond, vanilla extract, sugar, and apple cider vinegar. Now take another bowl and add cornstarch, baking soda, salt, and flour. You need to take it wet to dry and mix until it


Fill the mixture and back it for 20 to 25 minutes and check it now remove it and cool it. Frost the cupcakes and garnish it with a slice of strawberry.


Here you have read about desert vegan recipes so try them at home and enjoy it with family.

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