5 Christmas Vegan Dessert For Kids

A piece of cake on a plate

This article provides five wonderful Christmas vegan dessert ideas for your kids. Try these out and surprise the little ones. 

Christmas is on its way. How are you planning to welcome it? Are you trying something new this time? Then you should be wondering about desserts especially for your kids. These sweet savouries add flavours to their life. You also feel happy, delightful and joyous. So make this year special by trying out the most popular Christmas vegan dessert recipes. 


A piece of cake sitting on top of a table

Vegan brownies are quite a favourite among kids. They are healthy, tasty and delicious. Children get lot of protein and consume lesser fats. It remarkably enhances their mood and increases their enthusiasm during Christmas. These easy-to-make brownies also take less of your time. It’s more hassle-free than making conventional cakes. You can also spice it up with more natural flavours like banana, raspberry and avocados. This will provide a new taste to your kids. You can also serve them at any time of the day. If your child loves ice-creams, add a scoop at the top and make enhance its flavour.  

Strawberry Santa

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This gluten-free Christmas vegan dessert is preferred by mothers and kids. The process is simple. Take the best strawberries and separate the pointed part from the rest. Place them in a towel to soak the juice. Pour vanilla or chocolate frosting on the lower end and then put the pointed part. This will make it look like a Santa. Put the chocolate chips at the front and some marshmallows on the top. Your new Santa is ready. Present this as the Christ gift and enjoy the joy and happiness of your child. Make sure you too have some of them. 

Spiced Donuts

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If your kids prefer more spices than sweets, this shall be the best Christmas treat. Add rich ingredients like ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg to make it spicier. Use less sugar and make donuts using non-dairy milk. You can further add a twist by pouring cinnamon chocolate glaze on the donuts. Your child will surely enjoy the blend of aromas in this mouth-watering Christmas dessert. It will protect their health while delivering a divine taste during the festival. You shall also enjoy making this unique recipe. 

Russian Tea Cake

Make some hot cakes in Russian style and astonish your kids this Christmas. Mix together vanilla extract, margarine, flour and almonds. You can add sugar as per the desired taste. Make balls from the dough and bake them. Children can best savour the taste of this Christmas vegan dessert with vegan milk shakes. You can also serve it with chocolate fudge or Italian hot chocolate. Prepare this during the evening or at supper. If you plan to go out, you can also easily carry the tea cakes and enjoy it as snacks.         

Pumpkin Pie

If you want to try something rare, this is strongly recommended. Pumpkin pie a mix of classic spices, pumpkin and sweets. Your kids shall enjoy the assortment of various flavours in one dessert. While it will cost you some effort, the taste shall overwhelm your family members as well. You can also add gingerbread cookies to enhance the flavour. With this, it shall be the perfect vegan dessert to have during Christmas Eve. Let your child enjoy it with some hot chocolate. 

These are the best dessert ideas to make your Christmas very special and memorable this year. Make each of these recipes and enjoy a gala time till New Year. If you’re a home chef, make these recipes more creative by adding other ingredients. Involve your kids as they love cooking and baking. Share your experiences with friends and neighbours and encourage them to try these vegan desserts for their kids.  

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