A Culinary Guide To Vegetarian Chilli Recipes

A Culinary Guide to Vegetarian Chilli Recipes

To many vegetarian chilli is an absolute culinary delight. We love them so much that some people have become highly particular about how they are prepared and served.
Chilli is an ancient spice and plant medicine that has been used by man since the beginnings of civilization. Much like the human brain, our bodies respond to stimuli in the same way.
For a long time, chili was used as an anesthetic for surgery, as a medicinal herb and for natural repellents. It is thought that chili was first cultivated in South America around 200BC. At the time, humans were unaware of the essential properties that we now recognize.

The Devil’s Drink: Vegetarian Chilli

When chili was first developed commercially, it was referred to as “the devil’s drink”. This is because the chilli was originally prepared by boiling serrano chilies in olive oil.
We find the term chili to be an affectionate term for the cooling, prickly, but oddly sweetly chilling effect it has on the human palate. We all love it.
Chilled chili is great when it is freshly prepared and left to steam in a little olive oil in the microwave for a few minutes. It is, in fact, one of the most versatile and easy to use culinary ingredients you can use in your cooking. It is simply incredible what this can do to your culinary experience.

A Culinary Guide to Vegetarian Chilli Recipes
A Culinary Guide to Vegetarian Chilli Recipes

Using Freshly Peeled Chillies: Vegetarian Chilli

If you wish to prepare your chili in the traditional way, you need to make sure you are using freshly peeled chilies. These should not have been allowed to fully dry out. Some people recommend leaving the chilies to mature a little before use, but this may just lead to them losing their color and pungent taste. The best way to cook them is to leave them in their packaging for about twenty-four hours.

A Culinary Guide to Vegetarian Chilli Recipes
A Culinary Guide to Vegetarian Chilli Recipes

Drain Of Chillies Before You Use Them

The chili has to be allowed to drain off before you use it, otherwise, it will burn and stick to the pot. Alternatively, if you are cooking for two people, you can split up the chili and then top each with a squeeze of lemon juice.
You can also add chili to salads, fruit, vegetables, and in the preparation of colorful dishes. With so many delicious and flavorsome chili recipes, you will soon be spoilt for choice.
For example, if you are planning a BBQ lunch for the two of you want to ensure you are getting enough nutrition in the dish. So try adding a dash of chili to a few basic bean or veggie wraps. Your guests will be impressed, and in no time you will be too!

Bottom Line

We all love the taste of chili, and a very healthy way to get the same old taste of potato and cheese in your mouth is to make a classic vegetable pie. You can start by slicing up the potato, then getting all the ingredients ready.
If you wish to add some extra kick to your vegetable pie, add a few slices of red chili. But again, only add this to the ingredients before the actual pie cooking. If you cannot find any, then plantain chips will do just fine.

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