A Tasty Vegan Blueberry Dessert Recipe

vegan blueberry dessert

Did you know that vegan blueberry dessert recipes can be made without any heavy cream, eggs or milk? This vegan recipe is very healthy and does not over bake the blueberries. Vegan blueberry pie recipes usually have a smooth velvety texture with an amazing flavor. If you are vegan and you are looking for a good dessert recipe then this vegan blueberry pie recipe is for you.

It really is quite simple to make. You need a vegan blueberry pie recipe, some vegan butter, and non-dairy whipped cream. Once you have all of these ingredients you simply mix them together until they are smooth. Then all you need to do is spoon the filling into the hollowed-out crust and gently press down until the entire recipe is covered.

Pie Crust 

A bowl of fruit

As soon as the pie crust is completely finished you simply spoon the mixture back into the freezer. Then you add in some vegan ice cream and you are all set. Your dessert will be ready in a jiffy! The idea is to keep the blueberries in the freezer while you are preparing the rest of the ingredients. This way you do not have to go through the trouble of waiting for the frozen blueberries to defrost. You can also save a TON of time by doing this.

I am sure you can see how this dessert tastes delicious. I decided to make a blueberry pie crust with gluten free blueberries and cream cheese. In my opinion, blueberry pop-tarts are excellent. They are very smooth and creamy. I would serve them with fresh veggie sticks. The cream cheese filling gives them a nice taste that goes well with the nuts and blueberries.

A blueberry crumble bar is absolutely delicious. I found it very difficult to make during the week because of all of the sugar in the flour. However, making gluten-free blueberry crumble bars is really easy. You just mix all the dry ingredients together and place them in a Graham cracker shell.

Coconut Flavour 

A bowl of fruit

If you like coconut, then you will love coconut ice cream. It is very smooth and creamy. I love it on top of blueberries or cranberries. Coconut cream has a very rich flavor and you can also add nuts to it. There are many different coconut milk products on the market, but I prefer coconut water to that product.

If you like coconut and blueberries, then you will love the paleo vegan blueberry cobbler. This is probably one of the best blueberry dessert recipes on the market. The key to this recipe is using paleo-friendly ingredients. For example, instead of using regular sugar, you can use organic raw cacao that is unsweetened.

If you love coconut, you will definitely enjoy the coconut milk galette. This page recipe is very similar to the blueberries and nuts dessert, but it uses coconut oil instead of butter. In addition, you don’t have to use any sweeteners to sweeten the product. You can also substitute raw cacao for the vanilla. The result is an extremely healthy and tasty dessert with great flavor.

Best Recipes 

You can also try some of the vegan blueberry dessert recipes like the super easy lemon blueberry galettes recipe. It is made with just four simple ingredients. These include dried fruit, yogurt, fresh cherries and lemon juice. All you need are electric chopsticks or wooden spoons. You can make the lemon blueberry galettes in a single serving, as they are quite small.

This dessert tastes absolutely divine and is extremely nutritious. It has more calories per serving than the average dessert and much less than most snacks. It is the perfect dessert when you are looking for a wholesome food that is tasty and healthy at the same time. Not only is the vegan blueberry galettes delicious, it also tastes amazing.

Another excellent dessert idea is the white chocolate blueberry cheesecake. This recipe is really simple and it is so easy to make. It has a very creamy consistency with a slight crunch. It makes a delicious dessert that you can easily take with you as it is very light. You can also make the blueberry phyllo turnovers a part of the dessert.


The vegan blueberry lemon bars are delicious and very easy to prepare. If you want to add some extra sweet and sour to the mix, all you need to do is melt some vegan margarine, mix it with some maple syrup and a bit of salt and set off your fire until the resulting dessert is done. The resulting dessert, which looks like a blueberry, is very tasty, nutritious and extremely healthy. It can be served as an after dinner dessert or to go with a lunchtime salad.

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