Brand New Vegan Recipe Podcast by Lisa Olson – 10 Tips for Being Vegan: Foods That Are Nutritious and Delicious

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Brand New Vegan is an excellent online vegan store. It sells organic, vegan products directly to consumers, and offer a comprehensive client service. Their philosophy is to promote a cruelty-free living environment, to have a zero harm and death ratio, and strive to offer as many vegan selections as possible to its customers. They are committed to using natural, chemical-free, plant-based ingredients. Their goal is “becoming the one-stop vegan shop for the whole world.”

Their website is chock full of informative articles on veganism and plants-based weight loss journey. The recipes at Brand New Vegan are also written by experts in the field of diet and nutrition. They are free to use for personal or private use. They even offer a “Recipes for Life” program that highlights the importance of eating whole food and supporting farmers who grow it. The recipes themselves are simple and tasty, while still being nutrient dense.

An Overview

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So what kind of things can you find at Brand New Vegan? Well, they sell all sorts of different types of coffee. If you’re a fan of coffee, you’ll love them! In addition to their delicious coffee, they also carry tea and hot chocolate. If you love both coffee and tea, they sell both of those as well. But don’t think that’s all they have…

The brand new vegan podcast offers ten tips to help you lose weight. You’ll discover how to manage stress, get more energy, reduce your cravings, eliminate belly fat, and even find some secrets about high metabolism foods. You’ll hear from a certified nutritionist, John Davenport (of Davenport Nutrition), and fitness guru, Amy Waterman (of Stunning Fitness). It’s a great combination of knowledge and humor that keeps you learning and laughing. Best of all, it’s not just for people who want to lose weight, but also for those who want to improve their health, too!

Many people are skeptical about switching to a plant-based diet, especially if they’ve always been comfortable eating animal products. But the truth is, it’s healthier than the unhealthy diet options available. It’s less likely to cause medical problems, especially in children and adults. And, it’s better for your body. You’ll enjoy more energy, fewer headaches, feel better on most days, and get more years out of your life… maybe even longer!

Vegan Recipe Podcast by Lisa Olson


You can download the brand new podcast on iTunes, or you can listen live on your computer, laptop, iPod, smartphone or tablet. There are no advertisements, because the host, Linda Tellington-Jones, is an expert in natural healing and nutrition. Each episode has at least two segments with ten tips or advice tips. The first segment gives tips about what to avoid, the second offers suggestions for good recipes and snacks. There’s even a segment about how to live a healthy lifestyle through lifestyle changes, including things like reducing stress.

In this brand new vegan podcast, Jones shares some insights from her own journey to become a healthier vegetarian and athlete. She shares what makes up a great juice recipe, how much protein you need to help build muscle and reduce body fat, what kinds of fats are harmful, and why you should never eat a raw potato… but it’s okay to eat sweet potatoes! (I’m partial to mashed potatoes.) She also talks about some of the popular fruits and vegetables that she likes, as well as some of the most popular “goji” products, which she uses on her daily diet. I particularly liked the tips she gave regarding using avocados to detoxify and how to use a spicy chili sauce for dips, salsas and dips.

If you enjoy recipes, you’ll love this brand new vegan recipe podcast. It’s full of recipes from some of the most delectable comfort foods around, with some thoughts on cooking and making them better. Veganism is not about strict rules and diets; it’s about embracing creative ways to make the food we love so much, healthier and tastier. By listening to this podcast, I gained some ideas for ways I could start incorporating the recipes from this program into my meals, without cutting out any nutritionally beneficial foods.

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