Everyone Should Know About Vegan Foods And Simple Vegan Recipes To Try At Their Home

simple vegan recipes

Vegetarians and non-vegetarians are the most common types of mankind based on their eating habits. Vegetarian simply refers to those who choose not to eat meat or fish or similar products. Non-vegetarians refer to those who prefer meat and other animal products. There exist other categories of people too, here we will discuss veganism and some simple vegan recipes.

Who Is Called Vegan

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Veganism is a stricter form of vegetarians. They avoid meat and other animal products in any form. They have a firm faith that eating or using any animal product like meat, fish, egg, butter, cheese, leather is somehow or the other cruelty or exploitation to animals and so they abstain from using or eating. Besides the cruelty factor, simple vegan recipes also offer numerous health benefits. You feel more energy and enthusiasm to go ahead in their life. 

Now you can come to a conclusion that anyone who abstains from the use of animal products and rejects the commodity status of animals and opposes the use of animals for any purpose is a vegan.

Some Simple Vegan Recipes

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If you are trying to eat less meat or cook more plant-based meals, consume a more vibrant healthy diet and start following vegan recipes. 

Vegan diets are based on grains, seeds, legumes, fruits, vegetables, fruits. 

Try these simple vegan recipes at home.

  1. Vegetable biryani: This is a quick and easy recipe. All you need is aromatic rice, vegetables, and spice.
  2. Frankies: It’s a favorite vegan dish for many all over the world. This vegan version is great for all generations of people. Use mashed potatoes, roasted chickpeas, cauliflower, fresh spinach, and pickled onions and make it more delicious.
  3. Szechuan tofu and veggies
  4. Roasted portobello mushrooms
  5. Vegan pasta with artichoke sauce
  6. Roasted Chile Rellenos
  7. Vegan spring rolls combined with peanut sauce
  8. Vegan lentil meatballs with coconut curry sauce
  9. Broccolini Mushroom stir fry
  10. Crispy jackfruit tacos with pickled red onions, Mexican slaw, tomatillo salsa or chimichurri sauce 
  11. Sweet potato and lentil dal- it’s a fiber-rich meal 
  12. Vegan tikka masala added with cauliflower
  13. Sesame Brussel Sprouts and tofu bowl- It’s a gluten-free, grain-free, and tasty vegan recipe.
  14. Beet poke
  15. Creamy vegan Mac and Cheese

Based on your preference and availability of time, you may try these simple vegan recipes at your home. We are sure you, along with the people who are served these meals, will love to enjoy it.


Once you taste these easy, quick, and tasty vegan recipes, you are not going to miss meat and other similar products. Your appetite and nutrition and taste will be best fulfilled by these recipes. Try these at your home with some help from the internet. Simple search the name of the recipes and you will get more details about that. 

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