Finding Healthy And Kid Friendly Vegan Recipes

kid friendly vegan recipes

Every parent always finds themselves looking for kid-friendly vegan recipes from time-to-time. And see: 40 vegetarian snacks for kids that even pickier eaters are going to love. Who doesn’t want to indulge in a good old-fashioned hot dog or pizza? But are kids really that picky? With this cookbook, they’re bound to love everything you put in it.

Start Cooking For Your Kids

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My mom always told me that I should start cooking for my kids at an early age so that by the time they were older, I had already done a lot of “grown up” dishes. She was right! By preparing kid friendly vegan recipes at an early age, you can avoid future issues with your children. Just think of what could happen if your child discovers a tasty new recipe in this book and ask you, “What did you do?” That’s a scary thought, I know.

I decided to share with you some of the kid-friendly vegan recipes in this book. This is just an example, of course, but you get the idea. So here’s one of my favorites: chocolate muffins. Kids love to eat chocolate and muffins go together. And it’s not hard to prepare either, with this recipe.

First, make sure you have whole wheat flour in your cupboard. I would also recommend using brown rice flour. Second, find some fresh berries in your local grocery store and grind them into a paste. Now, I would suggest using fresh berries over brown rice or flour, because picky eaters may just find a certain taste that they don’t like in foods that they are used to.

Soup And The Crock Pot Pasta One

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My favorite recipes in this book are the soup recipe and the crock pot pasta one. The soup recipe calls for vegetable stock and I used coconut milk to make the stock. The crock pot pasta has pasta sauce already in it and that makes it a snap to make. I didn’t have any tomatoes so I threw some tomato sauce, chopped up veggies and chick peas into the crock pot, and let it cook on the lowest heat.

Some other vegan recipes in this cookbook that are great for kids include pizza omelets and quiches. The pizza omelet is a good choice for morning or brunch. The quiches are a nice healthy choice for dinner, either during the day or for a lunchtime snack. The one thing I would definitely tell my kids about any of these foods is to eat them with a little bit of soy sauce. Kids don’t like the taste of soy.

Recipes For Sweet Potatoes

I also really liked the recipes for sweet potatoes. These are packed with nutrients, which makes them a good choice to snack on throughout the day. The sweet potatoes themselves are not sweet at all, but rather have a nutty flavor, similar to sweet potatoes made without the added sugar. I also really like how you can roast them to get that nice sweet nutty flavor, along with the squash, that is high in zinc.

All in all, this book is fun to read and even has some recipes that my kids really dug. They also had a blast choosing their foods and making their own unique creations. From their picky eating palate to picking the flavors for their meals, each dish they created was a huge hit. Even if you don’t have kids, this is an excellent resource for creating some quick and easy healthy dishes that your whole family will enjoy.

My daughter, who adores chocolate, also really enjoyed this book. She was really digging the idea of making a chocolate pie with peanut butter and toffee pudding. She also seemed to think that the pizza with balsamic was really tasty and easy to make, so she could try it out. She also picked up a couple of new vegan recipes here that she really likes, such as toffee popcorn. These two desserts she made were both made with brown rice flour and she also used vegan margarine and she served it with some fresh organic vegetables.

Final Wor

I also really enjoyed this book because it had so many foods for kids. For example, there are over 50 different foods that are both vegan and also good for kids. There are even several pages dedicated specifically to organic foods for kids. The pages are full of fun and healthy ideas for all kinds of cuddly animals such as ponies, bears, bunnies, and chickens. There are also pages that explain different foods with vegetables and fruits. The vegetarian section has some delicious dishes such as baked potato with salsa and kale, squash soup with tofu and basil, and spinach and mushroom omelet with faux cream cheese.

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