How to Make Healthy Strawberry Dessert Recipe

vegan strawberry dessert recipes

Vegan strawberry dessert recipes have become increasingly popular over the last year or so. People are finally starting to catch on to the health benefits of eating a diet that is free from animal products and foods that contain chemicals and preservatives. It’s also becoming more apparent that eating a diet that consists mainly or entirely of organic and natural foods is not only good for your health but can help to keep you feeling better throughout your entire body. That’s why vegan strawberry dessert recipes are so exciting. You are getting exactly the dessert you love but eating it without harming your health.

An Overview

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The most popular vegan Strawberry dessert recipes include chocolate ice cream, banana pudding, vegan chocolate cake and strawberry shortcake. These Vegan Strawberry Dessert recipes are tough to say no too! Full of juicy fresh strawberries, imagine how you will absolutely love these sweet, crave-worthy treat, slice, cheesecake, pastry, muffin, pie and ice cream desserts. There are many different combinations and variations of all these Strawberry dessert recipes for you to try.

Most of these strawberry dessert recipes use a standard muffin pan, which makes it very easy to bake them in the oven or even on a camp stove. If you do purchase a pre-made vegan muffin pan, you may want to bake your Vegan strawberry dessert recipes in it’s own muffin pan for the extra moist texture and flavor. If you are using a regular muffin pan, place about one cup of each filling at the bottom and top of the pan. Do not fill the pan too full, as this could cause the cave to collapse. It is better to fill it half way up, than to entirely fill the pan.

Best Making Process

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You can serve your Vegan strawberry dessert recipes either as a hot, or cold dessert. If serving as a hot dessert, be sure to mix in enough water for the cake to be moist enough. This allows for a more even cooking, without making the batter too thin or watery. If serving cold, simply soak the shortcakes in the prepared ice cream and whip up a delicious ice cream dessert. This ice cream is frozen and can be stored for several hours in the freezer.

There are many great vegan strawberry shortcake recipes that have taken the world by storm. Some include stuffed strawberries with coconut cream and whipped cream, along with a biscuit and jam recipe. You can also find many different combinations like banana chocolate shortcake, blueberry banana, chocolate peanut butter, cinnamon spice shortcake and so much more. The possibilities are endless, and the taste is out of this world.

Main Ingredients

The ingredients needed to make any of these tasty treats are vegan friendly ingredients, water, fresh strawberries, vegan cooking ingredients, baking powder, and sugar. Typically, you will also need a food processor, blender, or food chopper to make the mixture easy to mix. Using a food processor is always a good idea to make the mixture smooth and creamy instead of gritty. Also, be sure to blend all the dry ingredients thoroughly so that they do not have lumps in the next step. Baking powder is optional, and while it does add some extra moisture to the finished product, it is not really necessary to thicken the batter.

Once you have your mix ready, it is time to bake the shortcake. As with regular cakes, you should preheat your oven, but you can also set it to bake at a lower temperature if you choose. The final step is to assemble the components and place them on a cooling rack. A baking rack is especially important if you are making a large quantity of cakes or more than one dessert. Let the vegan shortcake cool fully before frosting it. It is best to let the vegan shortcake cool for about three hours or overnight before you frost it.


As with any recipe, the most important factor in the success of the recipe is to experiment. There is no way to test the results of your strawberry ice cream recipe as you would the conventional methods. That is why many people find it easier to change things around than to stick with the same recipes from the start. However, if you find the vegan strawberry ice cream recipe you like and it turns out well, there are a number of ways you can replicate the taste. For example, you could simply substitute soy milk for the milk you would usually use and you could also add vanilla extract or coconut oil to the mix.

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