Tips For Finding Healthy Vegan Dessert Recipes

best vegan dessert recipes

You could make the absolute most decadent and divine vegan desserts without even the hint of a meat product, which is why so many people who are starting a diet or eating the kind of food that vegans do have a tough time finding desserts that taste like anything but chocolate chip cookies or banana splits. The good news is that you can indeed make these kinds of desserts without ever having to eat another animal product. So, get out your spoons already and prepare 20 of the best vegan dessert recipes available online! Here they are:

Delicious Cookies

If there’s one thing you can say to have a solid, lasting sweet tooth, it’s a delicious cookie. You might not think that it’s possible to make a delicious cookie, given the fact that cookie dough is usually very thick, but when you get right down to it, vegan baked goods are quite simple to make. And they end up being much better for you than the ones that you would typically find in any store. Did you know that you can take any kind of nut and cook it into a cookie? Some of the best vegan baked goods are made with coconut oil, which will give you a chewy, crunchy appearance and a decidedly unique flavor. This is also the best way to ensure that you don’t consume too much of that sugary sweet stuff.

Mild Icecream

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Who says ice cream has to be plain and boring? One of the best vegan dessert recipes around is to make an ice cream base with coconut milk. You can add in any number of other ingredients, from mildly sweet to extremely sweet and creamy. In fact, you can make an ice cream recipe that’s entirely made up of bananas and nuts, or even an ice cream base that has a very mild maple taste to it, such as walnut. You can certainly add any number of nuts and dried fruit to your crumble or cookie base, and the natural sweetness of the fruit is sure to be a real draw to this dessert.

Other Vegan Dessert Recipes

Of course, if you do not have access to vegan products in your area, there are some great dessert options that are both vegan and good for you. Many people enjoy vegan versions of chocolate cakes and other deserts, including a very popular chocolate “truffle cake” that can be made in just a few minutes using soy milk, nuts, and flour. You may also want to try out a raw vegan blueberry pie recipe, which has been enjoyed by many vegans worldwide.

Final Thoughts

Some of the most popular, traditional vegan dessert recipes also happen to be some of the healthiest. While chocolate bars and other nutty treat may have had the misfortune of being advertised as “low fat” or “heart healthy,” the key to making them taste good is to use ingredients that are both nutritious and delicious. Nuts, seeds, apples, and even raw cacao are excellent sources for nuts, and they provide a healthy dose of protein and fiber without packing on the fat. This is just one of the best tips that I can offer in this article about finding healthy vegan dessert recipes – whether you are looking for banana bread or vegan blueberry pie, you are sure to find it once you start cooking.

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