Tips On How To Build Muscle On A Vegan Diet

vegan muscle building diet

This is your guide to perfecting a vegan muscle building diet for optimal muscle gain. Breakfast

If you are a newbie to the vegan lifestyle, it may seem a bit confusing as to how to go about starting your vegan muscle building diet. Well there are a few simple steps that you can take that will greatly enhance your chances at developing the lean muscles that you desire. So let us get started.

Drinking Lots Of Water

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First, start drinking lots of water. You may be wondering why you would want to add carbs and fats into your diet when you are trying to lose weight. By drinking lots of water you are diluting the effects of all the extra carbs and fats you eat. Water is a natural diuretic, which means it helps to empty out the system and keep you hydrated, which is critical to any diet plan.

Next you should decide on what type of food you will eat. A vegan muscle building diet is not going to be limited to fruits and vegetables. While you may want to eat them as a part of your daily meal plan, there are many other great foods that you can eat to support your muscle building goals. For example, you can eat eggs every morning if you so choose. Just read up on some related articles to learn more about the many different types of foods you can eat to develop massive muscle mass.

Carbs And Fats

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You may be worried about eating so many carbs and fats because you don’t want to get too hungry. This is not the case, you will still be able to eat plenty of tasty carbs and protein while losing weight at the same time. A good rule of thumb is to eat about ten grams of carbs and about twenty grams of protein each day. Even if you do not have a car at this point, you should still follow this rule since it will help you burn more calories overall.

One of the reasons many vegans decide to lose weight is because they eat so few calories. When you are following a vegan muscle building diet you should still follow a similar calorie intake every day. However, you will eat many more fats and grams of protein. This is a very good thing because it means your body will burn more fat and calories even when you aren’t consuming any food. If you are already eating foods that are high in calorie content, but you are following a vegan diet, then you should definitely eat more meals and snacks throughout the day.

Carbohydrates And Complex Vegetables

One of the final tips I will give you is to eat more complex carbohydrates and complex vegetables. It is impossible to get enough nutrients when you are eating a primarily plant-based diet, which is one of the main reasons people turn to vegetarianism. Some types of plants contain high amounts of both creatine and beta-sitosterol, which are vital nutrients for muscle growth.

For example, leafy green vegetables such as spinach, kale and beet tops contain large amounts of both of these nutrients. By eating at least five meals a day you will be able to provide your body with all of these micronutrients. However, another great way to provide your body with these micronutrients is with creatine and protein powders.


Creatine and protein powders are extremely efficient in providing your body with the raw materials it needs to grow. If you are following a vegan muscle building diet then you may want to look into products such as Warrior Whey. Although this is a supplement, it is a complete protein that contains no casein or lactose. This allows anyone to reap the benefits of a vegan protein without sacrificing any of the taste and enjoyment that they get from eating meat. If you want the best results possible from taking supplements, this is definitely the best option available.

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