Vegan Diet For Bodybuilding: The Ultimate Guide For You

Vegan Diet For Bodybuilding

The vegan diet has its own reason for becoming popular among an increasing number of people. People are adapting to this different way of eating and staying healthy for ethics and also for health benefits. And interestingly, it has also grabbed the attention of bodybuilders, and many bodybuilders are feeling glad for the switch. So, what’s the vegan diet for bodybuilding? If you are a bodybuilder or know someone who’s into bodybuilding, then follow along. You may want to switch to the greener side of the diet even as a bodybuilder. Here are some guides to the vegan diet for bodybuilding:

Vegan Diet For Bodybuilding: What’s It?

With the intensive resistance, bodybuilders develop their musculature. So, for muscle development, they need lots of nutrition. And for optimal muscle growth, your protein intake should be high too. Also, 10-20% of calorie surplus is important for gaining muscle mass. Of course, it is for those who are into bodybuilding for a long time now.

What's the Vegan Diet For Bodybuilding
Vegan Diet For Bodybuilding: The Ultimate Guide For You

The traditional bodybuilding diet always includes animal sources to get high calories and protein from that. However, when it’s about a vegan diet for bodybuilding, there are no animal products. And interestingly, this diet is higher in protein and not like the traditional vegan diet.

As plant-based proteins are usually lower in quality, bodybuilders feel the challenge to follow through the vegan diet. So, one must do careful planning when they want to combine the bodybuilding and vegan diet in their life. And the vegan diet for bodybuilding changes in different bodybuilding stages, just like the non-vegetarian diet.

Implementation Of Diet

When it comes to implementing a vegan diet, it may seem easy, but one has to do a great deal of planning. Otherwise, you will miss having complete meals. Several staple foods are part of a vegan bodybuilding diet. So, to start, it is important to plan out at least 5-7 days of meals with all the important items. In case you are just transitioning from the traditional diet, take slow steps into incorporating vegan foods. 

Vegan Diet For Bodybuilding: Fill Up With High Protein Plant Foods

For aiding your muscle-building goals, you must fill up your diet with enough protein. As most vegan protein sources don’t contain essential amino acids, you have to eat lots of high-protein plant-based foods. So, why not have tofu, quinoa, seitan, and legumes to meet your protein needs?

Eat Enough Fat

For bodybuilding, consuming enough fat is important as you get calories from them. It helps in promoting muscle gain as fat provides more calories than protein and carbs. For the off-season bodybuilders, 0.5grams of fat per pound of body weight is a general recommendation. So, they have to take at least 80grams of fat each day if he is a male bodybuilder with 175 pounds of weight. 

Ultimate Guide Of Vegan Diet For Bodybuilding
Vegan Diet For Bodybuilding: The Ultimate Guide For You

Vegan Diet For Bodybuilding: Drink Plenty Of Water, Fluids

As the vegan bodybuilding diet consists of lots of vegetables, fruits, legumes, grains, and fiber, the food intake becomes high. When you significantly higher your fiber intake, you may experience certain side effects, such as excessive flatulence, bloating, and abdominal pain. When you drink plenty of water, it can help you prevent such complications. As you start with the vegan bodybuilding diet, at least drink 1ml of fluid per calorie. However, your water needs can simply vary as you are exercising too.

Educate Yourself

When it comes to following the vegan bodybuilding diet, education plays an important role. It will determine whether you will have a successful or unsuccessful diet plan. As vegan diets prevent us from having foods from many groups, followers may risk nutrient deficiencies. So, it is important to know which vegan foods provide us the key nutrients for preventing this.

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