Vegan Recipes With Sweet Potatoes

Vegan Sweet Potatoes

In a recent article I wrote for VegNews, I discussed the advantages of cooking with soy and rice cookers. Today I’ll continue to share those benefits in this article, and talk about Vegan Recipes With Sweet Potatoes! Sweet potatoes are also a popular vegan food, but it’s important to know that cooking them can have many disadvantages, particularly when you’re trying to use a sweet potato recipe to substitute regular white or brown rice.

In case you didn’t know, a sweet potato is not really a true potato at all! They are technically called “genuine” sweet potatoes, but they are not what their name suggests.

What Makes Vegan Sweet Potato Different

What exactly makes a sweet potato different? The answer is surprisingly simple. All sweet potatoes have a high level of starch (a complex carbohydrate) inside them. When the plant material is processed and turned into energy, the starch is left behind. Most vegetables are naturally low in starch, and some people can actually eat more of them than others because they don’t have to rely on processed food to replace lost carbohydrate energy.

When cooking with sweet potatoes, it’s important to remove any leftover starch before the end of cooking. You can easily do that by using a sweet potato masher. It’s not difficult, and it will prevent you from eating unappetizing chunks of cooked sweet potatoes.

Once the starch is removed, it’s very important to avoid using the sweet potato in recipes that call for regular white or brown rice. A good rule of thumb is to never use sweet potatoes to replace regular rice in anything with starch. This includes recipes such as brown rice pudding, as well as many other types of desserts and dishes.

In addition to avoiding the use of sweet potatoes in recipes that require rice, it’s also important to avoid using them in the same way in dishes that call for flour. A good example is brown rice pudding, which is a great dessert if you’re not going to be baking. Just be sure to remove any excess starch. If you’re going to use sweet potatoes in your own baked desserts, you should use a sweet potato puree or rice milk to make it easier on yourself.

Sweet Potatoes Are Best For Vegan Recipes

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So now you know that there’s no substitute for sweet potatoes, but what can you do with them? Some people use them in dishes that call for tofu, and some people simply toss them in with their favorite salad ingredients. However, most people like to use them in sweet potato chips, and even vegan hot dog patties! If you’re going to use them as a side dish, just keep in mind that they do lose their starch value as the longer you cook with them.

If you’re looking for vegan recipes with sweet potatoes, make sure you learn how to cook with the plant matter. It’s important that you avoid the bad habits of other recipes and understand how to use it.

First, it’s important to understand that sweet potatoes have lots of fiber, which makes them a very rich source of essential nutrients. For instance, they contain an abundance of potassium, as well as vitamins A and D, which are essential for healthy bones and teeth. As for vitamin E, it’s important to note that this vitamin is very good for the skin, hair, nails, but is not as effective when cooking as other vitamins.

Learn How To Cook

Next, you need to learn how to cook with sweet potatoes. It may sound strange, but when you cook with sweet potatoes, it’s very important to remember to mash them up a little bit. This prevents the starch from turning to water and being absorbed into the meal, which makes them soft and mushy.

When cooking with sweet potatoes, you should also note that they usually don’t retain much of their starch. They can lose their starch value after several hours. That’s why you should not add the dish to the pot until it has reached room temperature. Instead, you should start your dinner simmering time at about six hours before serving.


Now that you know more about how to prepare sweet potatoes, you’re ready to try a vegan recipe with sweet potatoes. These are the best and healthiest options for anyone who loves the taste of potatoes but doesn’t want to eat the bad stuff.

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