Vegan Sushi Recipes – The Best Vast Variety Of Healthy Food

vegan sushi recipes

A lot of people eat vegan for health reasons, but they aren’t always aware of what they can do to improve their health while still enjoying a variety of tasty foods. Many traditionalists don’t like the thought of vegans making changes in their diet, but the reality is that there are lots of delicious vegan sushi recipes out there that people love. If you’re willing to experiment a little bit, you can usually find vegan sushi recipes that are just as tasty as non-vegan ones.

First Step In Making Vegan Sushi

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The first step in making vegan sushi is to get the right ingredients. Most vegan sushi recipes use rice. Because rice isn’t a vegan product, it’s important to avoid animal products like leather and fur. When choosing ingredients, look for rice that is grown without antibiotics or pesticides, and has not been treated with formaldehyde. Look for soy beans that have been organic if possible.

As far as your actual sushi rolls and maki, you can make them any way you want. You can mix rice and seaweed for a flavorful treat or choose to use eggs, carrots, cucumbers, avocado, or other vegetables instead. Try mixing different fillings as well. Popular fillings include lettuce, tomato, spicy Mayo, or spicy shrimp.


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Another thing to think about when looking for vegan recipes is texture. Do you need to add water or ice? Often the rice will remain raw and flavorful, but you may find that adding either ice or water makes it cozier and more nutritious. Make sure that the filling is fully coated with either water or Mayo, and try a few different types. If you’re not sure which you like best, experiment with both.

As you go over your vegan sushi recipes, you’ll find that there are many options for vegan items such as kimchi (Korean-style pickled cabbage), avocado, cucumber slices, carrots, and edamame. You can even use hemp seeds, to make your own version of mochi, which is a flat pancake filled with creamy tofu, manage, and sesame seed. Another great idea is to make your own miso soup. There are countless herbs and vegetables that can be used to make a fantastic bowl of soup, and finding vegan versions of them shouldn’t be too difficult.

Mayo As A Favorite Ingredient

As mayo is a favorite ingredient in traditional sushi, you might be surprised to find vegan Mayo in stores, and even online. If you don’t like the flavor, simply use egg whites. This has a nutty flavor that some people love, and some may find it a bit overpowering. Just try one and see for yourself.

Last Words

If you start creating vegan sushi recipes, you will soon begin to develop a new taste that many people will find appealing. Even though it has taken some time, once you begin experimenting, you will soon discover vegan sushi recipes that you will love. No longer will you have to settle for the boring ingredients that are included in regular sushi.

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