What is a vegan meal

Vegan Meal

A vegan meal is a dish of food made entirely from plants. Vegan meals are everywhere on the planet. however, not everyone has had or knows what they are. Most people don’t know how to make them! That’s why I created you! You’re here to tell them all about vegan meals! I’ll give you information about the kind of things that vegans eat, and then you can tell them about it too! Cool? Cool.

Forms of vegan meals:

Who eats vegan meals?

A plate of food with a slice of cake on a table

There are many different vegans out there! Some people choose to be vegan because they think that it’s healthier than non-vegan food, some people do it for the environment and other people do it to fight against animal cruelty.

How do you make a vegan meal?

Making vegan dishes is very easy! It’s like cooking any other dish but without the meat (or sometimes fish). Think about it this way; if you only take the meat out of the dish, then you have a vegan meal!

This is pretty much how it works for all vegan dishes. Now that you know this, go out there and tell people all about this great food!

Mango smoothie recipe:

Ingredients: – 1/2 cup mango chunks – 3/4 cup orange juice (preferably freshly squeezed) – 2 tablespoons non-dairy yoghurt – 1 scoop protein powder (optional) Directions: Blend all the ingredients together.

Notes: You can also use more mangoes, some strawberries or any other fruit you want instead of the oranges! Remember to blend all your fruits so that your drink won’t have any chunks! You can also use different types of non-dairy yoghurts, like coconut or soy yoghurt. If you want your smoothie to be thicker, just add more ice!

Tofu stir-fry recipe:

Ingredients: – 1/2 package of tofu (350g) – 1 cup of vegetables – 4 tablespoons oil – 2 tablespoons soy sauce Directions: Cut the tofu into slices. Heat some oil in a frying pan and fry the slices until they are crispy on both sides. Remove from heat and set aside. Wash your vegetables well. Add more oil to your frying pan if needed, then cook your veggies with the cooked tofu for 30 seconds to 1 minute on medium heat. Stir continuously so that everything will get evenly cooked. Remove from heat and serve.

Notes: You can use different vegetables as well, like carrots or green beans! Just cut them into very thin slices so that they will be cooked properly. If you want your dish to have a sour taste, adding some lemon juice is better than using soy sauce because it’s healthier too! Also choosing low-sodium soy sauce is also healthier. If you’re feeling lazy, just use the pre-cooked tofu instead of frying your own with oil in a pan! You can buy this kind of tofu at most grocery stores. It’s usually sold in the refrigerated section.

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