What Should You Know About The Vegan Military Diet

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If you are looking to lose wight then you may think of the vegan military diet though this has no real connection with the military. This plan claims that it will help you to lose up to 10 pounds in a week only if you follow the diet as it is. This diet is very strict, is of low-calorie diet with some foods that seem healthy while the others do not. There are some set foods that you have to eat for breakfast, lunch and dinner and that is it. there are no snacks in this plan and no room about the food choices based on your tastes. This diet lasts only for 3 days and after that you can switch to your normal, healthy diet for atleast four days. But if you want to lose more weight then you can repeat this program as often as you like.

What Are The Foods That You Can Eat And What You Cannot Eat

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Each and every food that you eat in this diet has been chose ahead of time. You need to follow the plan completely so that you can get best results. It does not include superfoods like almonds, salmons, quinoa. But instead you will find normal choices that includes cheddar cheese, tuna, hard-boiled eggs. Some meals have breads but those are not as healthy as the whole grains tjhat you expect. Atleast one meal will include saltine cracker.

The Three Day Menu To Follow 

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Here is the three day menu that you can follow with total nine different meals. Like one breakfast menu includes half grapefruit, one cup tea or coffee without cream or sugar, one slice toast and two tablespoons peanut butter. 

The dinner menu includes half cup of vanilla ice cream. Two hot dogs without buns, half banana, one cup of broccoli, half cup of carrots.

You can drink water, black coffee or tea but you cannot drink milk, alcohol, soda, juice. It is better that you stick to the menu as much as you can. You can switch out some foods if you have food allergies or other dietary needs. But you only need to make swaps that the diet approves of. Like you can use sunflower seed butter instead of peanut butter or a tofu dog instead of hot dog. But it would be best that you don’t switch the grapefruit to an orange or vanilla ice cream to a scoop of cookie dough of mint chip.

The Level Of Effort You Have To Put In Is Medium

In this plan there are no meeting to attend or packaged foods that you have to buy. You can find these foods easily in any grocery stores  and there is little cooking or food prep that you need. But when you follow this diet you may feel very hungry so you need willpower to get it through 3 days without cheating. You will only be taking about 1500 calories per day for three days so you may feel sluggish than usual.

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